Client and Collaborator Reviews of my work and services

Sorry for it being so late but we've just finished looking at them (Photos), thank you so so much (excuse my French) they are fucking amazing! We had so many smiles, giggles and emotional moments looking through them. Brilliant. Thank you again!! - Sie Vickers

A lovely guy with a special gift for photography, a fantastic keen eye and his unique vision of the world shines through his photography. A mentor and friend and if anyone needs any photography taken then Bryn is your man ! - Jane-Louise Stevens

I like your style and treatment of photographs. I must say you know the art of post-production very well and is apparent in your end results. Abbas Ali Amir Senior Critic

Everything you do and achieve Bryn is fully deserved and reflects the effort, determination and professionalism that you put into your work. You are so definitely very highly recommended! - Andy Glaves

Bryn Graves is very talented at capturing brilliant shots. - Jessica Oliver Modelling

Your work is brill Bryn Graves - Joanne Wheatcroft

Bryn Graves is amazing we would highly recommend him - Julie Hodgeson

Big thank you to Bryn Graves for our beautiful pictures id definitely recommend his services - Samantha Louise Newbold

Absolutely love the pictures we had done of Madeleine. Bryn Graves you did an amazing job thank you - Lisa Rimington

Another good shoot from Bryn Graves, cheers pal - Carl Holsworth

Today I have been on the other side of the camera. A challenging exercise and it was important that it was with the right person. I felt relaxed and well looked after. My photographs won't be on FB. I may share one. They are for predominantly for me. Thanks Bryn Graves for your professional approach and service. - Julie Drury

Oh my. I have my full gallery of pics from my photo shoot. I have spent 4 days feeling old but do you know what, the photos are amazing. - Julie Drury

Thank you to Bryn Graves for some awesome shots. Feeling very Game of Thrones! More to come... - Charlotte Louisa

Like to thank Bryn Graves for fantastic photos of my son's christening an a beautiful book that he as done for me thank you so much - Joanne Wheatcroft

Great photo shoot - Leanne Snell

My photographer was Bryn Graves. He's a lovely man, very good and hardworking. If you ask your friend to message him he is very quick at responding and getting a quote to you. I could not recommend him more, he's done an amazing job for us, we love all of ours - Jenna Morris

Bryn Graves the photographer you need for your wedding, - Duncan Yates

Bryn Graves, I adore the depth and emotion in this shoot. Art. - Kim Horvath

A lot of people seem to get the idea as soon as they hear of a girl having photos taken in their undies it's got to be cheap and slutty. But it just goes to show that these people couldn't be more wrong, I loved this shoot and the outcome is artistic, tasteful and professional. Opening peoples eyes is the best feeling ever, thanks again Bryn x - Ellen Morris

Would like to thank Bryn for the amazing shots of our gorgeous shoes if any of you guys are thinking of having any shots done or need a photographer Bryn Graves is your man for the job check out BRYNphotography xxx - Charlie Platts

Just sat and looked at our wedding photos again, they are amazing and a massive thank you to Bryn who captured our very special day. - Julie Hodgeson

Been to look at my wedding photos an I am more than pleased with them thanks to a very good photographer - Marie DeGirolamo

We had a fab afternoon with Bryn our wedding photographer doing our pre wedding shoot !! Love the imagination and thought and artistic talent , loved every minute and can't wait to see the photos xxx thank you xxx - Julie Hodgeson