About High Resolution Digital Files

High-resolution files are essentially the digital negative equivalent of the traditional film negative and from an industry point of view are treated no differently. From the 6th April I now provide all high-resolution images in the first instance for customers to share, print and duplicate. This is only applicable to Formal family events such as weddings and christenings.

High-Resolution Digital Files purchased come with a usage rights licence that entitles the licensee to take the file(s) to a high street printer and print whatever product at whatever size and how ever many times they wish.

Due to the amount of low quality print labs, supermarkets etc that use the cheapest inks and papers and do not work to set colour profiles, and the vast difference in the qualities of even the best personal home printers, It is unfortunately impossible for BRYNPhotography to guarantee print quality or colour accuracy when the client prints their own products.